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14/02/2016 - Good Health is The Key to Prosperity (3)

Healthy Yu Shang 
Do you know that a typical serving of Yu Shang contain almost similar calories to a main meal? The amount of oil, plum sauce (highly sweetened) and pickles actual increased the calories of this popular dish. Yu Shang can be made healthier by reducing the amount of oil, plum sauce and pickles. 

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07/02/2016 - Good Health is The Key to Prosperity (2)

Prepare a healthy reunion dinner
The reunion dinner signifies the end of the lunar calendar where family members gather to usher in the New Year with a variety of must have dishes. Make a choice to end the year with a good note by using more vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meat and skinless poultry, fish and whole grains. Avoid using open flame grilling or frying but choose poaching, roasting or steaming, with which less oil is used. 

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04/02/2016 - Good Health is The Key to Prosperity (1)

It is a good tradition for the Chinese to start the lunar new year with a clean heart, mind and house. Before celebrating the Chinese New Year, every family will start cleaning up their house and reconcile conflicts with friends and family. A clean heart and mind brings good health that leads to prosperity. We found a few good ways to keep you healthier this Chinese New Year:

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29/01/2016 - Preventing Fever (1)

Drink 8 Glasses Of Life Water A Day

In regulating the temperature, Life Water plays a very important role, because it has good heat absorption capability.

When we have fever, if the water in our body cannot exercise its heat absorption capability, and does not regulate the temperature at the normal level through urination and sweating, then the temperature can rise up to 40, leading side effects!

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15/01/2016 - Drink Life Water When Get Up From Bed (3)

However, if the intestines are dirty, and the amount of good bacteria decreases, these deformed bacteria will then assist the bad bacteria in developing harmful toxins. This will result in diseases such as gastric disorder, liver disorder, hardening of the vessels, hypertension and even cancer.

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