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17/12/2015 - Drink Life Water When Get Up From Bed (2)

There are many bacteria in our intestines, some are good, while others are bad. The good bacteria are good for the body. But the bad ones will be harmful to the body. There is yet another kind called the deformed bacteria. When the intestines are clean, the good bacteria overwhelm the bad ones.

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19/11/2015 - Drink Life Water When Get Up From Bed (1)

People today have a common problem, that is they eat too much, think too much, and move too little. Therefore many people suffer from gastro-intestinal disease such as indigestion and constipation. Generally people depend on medicines to overcome these problems. We suggest drinking Nesh Life Water, especially in the morning when you get up from bed, slowly drink a cup of Life Water, this will let the hitherto resting stomach and intestines comfortably wake up to clear the remnant excreta and constipation.

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12/11/2015Preventing Excessive Uric Acid

Mild Alkaline Life Water Remove Acidic

People who suffer from bone, waist, and gout pain normally have too high level of uric acid. If they drink Nesh Life Water regularly, this can be improved. That is because Nesh Life Water is more effective in dissolving uric acid as compared to normal drinking water.

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05/11/2015 - The Secret Of Improving Chronic Diseases(3)

If you cannot imagine the situation, let’s assume that a fat guy and a thin guy, holding a bag of things in their arms, trying to go through a hole. Who will be more agile? Definitely the thin guy! The fat guy may find it hard to go in and go out, and may even block the hole!

Drinking Life Water with smaller water molecules will improve the health of the body and prevent diseases, and this is proven by medical researches. 

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27/10/2015 - The Secret Of Curing Long Ailment (2)

We can compare this to a car. Even though there is a good engine, if the waste left over by the running engine and the combustion of the fuel cannot be removed, it will not reach its peak performance, on the contrary, it will break down.

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