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22/10/2015 - The Secret Of Curing Long Ailment(1)

- Drink Life Water

Yes, it is so simple! 

Many friends already know that whenever there are problems with our cells, some symptoms will occur on our body. Basically, the DNA which is responsible for cells replenishment also does not like to let the cells have problems. It always look out for replacement of the cells with new ones, so as to keep our body healthy.

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08/10/2015 - Improve Nocturnal Urination (2)

In fact, our urinary system will signal not only when we wish to urinate, but also when the system lacks water. Therefore, even if we do not drink, or whether we urinate before we sleep, we may still have to urinate in the middle of the night.

If you have the problem of frequent natural urination, drink at least 2 litres of Nesh Life Water, and remember to drink a glass before going to sleep. You will notice that the amount of urine has increased, the frequency has reduced, and very quickly we will overcome this problem of natural urination. 

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01/10/2015 - Improve Nocturnal Urination (1)

2 Litre of Life Water A Day

Many people hate to get up from bed in the night to pass urine. Every time during sleep there is the desire to pass urine, but it is most annoying when the quantity of urine excreted is very little. And as a result of this disturbed sleep they feel tired the next day.

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24/09/2015 - Electro-magnetic Light Spectrum

Far infra-red rays are the best electromagnetic wave. It is the light which is most easily absorbed by living things. It has a lot of functions, including changing the structure of water, enhancing body cells, improving blood circulation, hasten the absorption of nutrition, and the dissipation of waste.

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17/09/2015 - The Second Round Pollution Of Tap Water (2)

Some bad filters also can contribute to second round pollution. For example, some filters can give you the smell of iron rust. That is the result of second round pollution.

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