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10/09/2015 - The Second Round Pollution Of Tap Water (1)

Our water treatment plant has stored the polluted water, and after the process of sinking, filtering, and disinfection, it has treated the polluted water from the rivers, rainfall and waste water pipes to become drinkable tap water.

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03/09/2015 - What Kind Of Water Is Good Quality Water? (4)

pH is between 6.5 and 8.5

The smaller the pH means the higher the acidity of water, and it is not suitable for drinking.

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27/08/2015 - What Kind Of Water Is Good Quality Water? (3)

Contain Sufficient Amount Of Oxygen

Our cells require appropriate level of oxygen. Water contains appropriate quantity of oxygen for cells to be active.

Smaller Molecular Structure Of Water

Smaller water molecules have strong solubility, easily absorbed by the human body, and can help in the dissipation of toxin in the body. These toxins can be excreted through perspiration, urine, and excreta.

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19/08/2015 - What Kind Of Water Is Good Quality Water? (1)

You can pour a glass of the water which you always drink, place it in front of the light to observe it, is the water clean and clear, or is it yellowish?

And taste the water in the glass, is it tasteless or is it with the odd smell of bleach? The reason why this small experiment is done is because good water is transparent, no smell, no odour, and cool.

If the water you drink does not even have this basic property, it is better that you immediately stop drinking it.

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13/08/2015 - How To Choose An Ideal Water Filter? (3)

To those who really understand and demand real good quality water, they will come out with the following demands:

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