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06/08/2015 - Is The Water You Drink Safe

You are drinking 60 kind of harmful substance everyday!

Many expert undergoing studies in water pollution come to the same conclusion, that is, water is the key to health. The source of any diseases is related to water. These diseases include cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, sensitive skin, gastric problem, kidney problem, liver problem, arthritis problem etc. a lot of the diseases that can be detected are related to water. Do you know how much harmful material has been discovered in tap water by the experts? The answer is 60 types.  

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30/07/2015 - How To Choose An Ideal Water Filter? (2)

There are many types of water filters in the market. As consumers, it is important to choose one which suits our needs.

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23/07/2015 - How To Choose An Ideal Water Filter? (1)

In the past, maybe we tried using a water filter to change the quality of the drinking water, so as to protect our health and our family’s health. But I believe we are still worrying about these problems until today.

In fact, that is not because we are picky, but because the water filters we have discarded all have the following defects:

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16/07/2015 - When You Drink Water, Have You Ever Thought Of Its Source Of Origin?

When you are thinking that the water on earth has been polluted by the waste of civilization, that is, the water which originally was beneficial to all creatures on earth, now contains all kinds of confirmed or unconfirmed harmful material, are you scared?

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09/07/2015 - Why Must The Filter Cartridge be changed regularly?

Presently activated carbon is the most commonly used filter material. It is made of coconut husk undergoing high temperature, coupled with the process of carbonization and activation, etc to become material with many holes of different sizes. This increases the total surface areas of activated carbon, and improves it absorption capability.

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