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29/11/2016 - Ho To Live Green X Transportation

Vehicle gives us convenience in moving around but its parts like tires, storage batteries, petrol, motor oil, waste oil and emission can cause pollution to the earth. How can we improve it?

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29/11/2016 - Ho To Live Green X Home

Home is one of the places where we produce the most garbage, furthermore it is the place we use the most cleaning products. But how can we start living green in our home? In fact, there are many ways that you can live green like below:

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22/11/2016 - Ho To Live Green X Meal

We take at least 3 meals a day and how we can do to imply green living so as to help the environment? Quickly refer below tips:

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08/11/2016 - Ho To Live Green X Clothing

Let talk about how to live green today, starts from our daily life, and starts from you. As long as we persevere in doing it, we will be able to improve our quality of life and enhance our joy and happiness.

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25/10/2016 - Green Living

Green living is no pollution, conserve resources and energy, environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyle, is an important part of a harmonious society. Green Living should meet the following three conditions. First, our environment and consumption are healthy and harmless; second, we pay attention and take action to energy conservation in our workplace and third, we use environmental friendly materials. 


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